Guidepost at Home

Bring quality Montessori care into your home with a Montessori-trained nanny or educator

Montessori education offers a refined approach to help a child confidently grow and joyously learn. Guidepost at Home brings the same approach used in Guidepost Montessori Schools into your home.

We offer:

  1. Montessori-trained educators and caretakers
  2. An intentional, developmental Montessori home environment
  3. An adaptable Montessori approach that works for you

Whether you’re looking for a nanny share or homeschool, we can help.

Montessori nannies
  • Private care
  • Nanny shares
Home Pods
  • Preschool residential micro school
  • Elementary residential micro school
Parent-as Educator
  • Stay at home parents
  • Home school

What is Guidepost at Home?

The Montessori philosophy is about helping children grow more and more independent. Independence means practice with real, meaningful choices. It means setting your own goals and meeting your own needs. It means learning to love each new thing you learn to do yourself.

Our Montessori schools offer specially prepared classroom environments and specially trained teachers to support students in this process. But Montessori was never meant to be limited to schools. Guidepost at Home brings the same principles into your home using the same techniques.

Montessori Nannies

Guidepost at Home offers the placement of both private and shared nannies to care for children in the home. Guidepost at Home nannies are trained on how to translate and individualize our Montessori curriculum and pedagogy into your home and for your child.
Through both personalized support and our “Matching Map”, Guidepost at Home can help facilitate your search for both the right nanny and another family with whom to set up a nanny share.

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Home Pods

Guidepost at Home can set up a school environment in your home, with a trained Montessori guide serving 3 to 5 students from preschool through elementary. With Guidepost at Home’s residential micro schools, your child will experience the socialization of a school program, while also benefiting from more personalized attention and guidance. Our in-home educators (called guides) are trained in creating activities and experiences to suit the needs of each child in the program, individually and together, that are grounded in the comprehensive, preschool-through-elementary scope and sequence of Montessori materials and curriculum.

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Guidepost at Home can bring Montessori training and resources directly to you, providing you with a deep dive into the Montessori philosophy and approach. If you are a parent interested in infusing your parenting with Montessori practices, or are looking to set up a home-school for your child without an additional educator in the home, our Parent-as-Educator program could be a perfect fit. We welcome you to attend our training, receive 1:1 parent coaching, and learn about how to become a Montessori- informed parent, setting up your home with Montessori materials and equipment that we will provide.

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