Bring Montessori into your home

Whether you are looking for a caregiver or an educator to provide care in-home, or want to homeschool your child Montessori-style, Guidepost at Home offers the support you need.

Find an In-Home Educator

Our carefully chosen and prepared educator in your home, using our platform to provide pedagogically informed care for early years (0-6) and comprehensive education for kindergarten and elementary years (6-12).

Become a Parent-as-Educator

A complete do-it-yourself platform, including physical materials, for parents of young children (0-6) and homeschool parents (6-12)

The Montessori approach

Montessori helps your child develop a fundamental, enduring love of learning and the deeply ingrained social, emotional, and academic skills they need to succeed as an adult. Montessori combines highly intentional learning materials, rich social development, and a joyous approach to practiced independence.

Guidepost at Home allows you to bring this exceptional educational approach—used in Guidepost schools across the world—into the comfort of your own home, brought to life by one of our dedicated in-home educators, or by you–your child’s own parent.


Early Years 0 – 6 years

In early childhood, our Parent-as-Educator program offers stay-at-home parent a comprehensive approach to Montessori-informed parenting.

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Elementary 6 – 12 years

At the elementary age, our Parent-as-Educator program offers a fully supported, comprehensive, self-directed Montessori program for homeschool families.

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In-Home Educator

Early Years 0 – 6 years

In early childhood, our In-Home Educator program offers an alternative to the traditional nanny or au pair: one-to-one or small group Montessori-informed care.

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Elementary 6 – 12 years

Our In-Home Educator program for elementary-aged children offers a comprehensive Montessori education with a one-on-one guide or a small group home pod.

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All program options include:

  • Physical materials delivered directly to your home. Our programs help you set up an intentional, developmentally correct Montessori home environment for your child, and include a subscription to regular age-specific Montessori materials.
  • Curriculum and pedagogical support. Our robust digital platform and ongoing training program offer in-home educators and homeschooling parents an integrated set of tools that support them to guide developmentally appropriate learning, track scope and sequence, and offer Montessori’s beloved and time-tested curriculum to children learning at home

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