In-Home Educator:

Our In-Home Educator program for kindergarten and elementary-aged children offers a comprehensive Montessori education through a live educator one-on-one with your child or as part of a small group home pod. Your child will work through the carefully sequenced, self-paced Montessori curriculum used at Guidepost schools, inspired by enriching video presentations,hands-on follow-up activities and the oversight and guidance of a dedicated educator. Children in pods will enjoy collaborative peer relationships built around Montessori lessons, meaningful projects, and inspired learning. Our team will help you set up your home environment, with Montessori materials periodically mailed to your home, to encourage your child’s self-directed learning as well as personal and academic development.

What’s included?

  • The Guidepost Elementary Album–the beloved and time-tested Montessori curriculum for children from kindergarten through 6th grade powered by our digital learning platform and designed to encourage offline activity.
  • One-on-one learning or a shared home pod for two to five children.
  • The vetting, hiring, and training of a qualified and dedicated in-home educator–your child’s guide.
  • Peace of mind, as Guidepost at Home employs your guide, and takes care of all taxes and benefits.
  • Home set-up including key Montessori materials to optimize your child’s at-home learning environment.

For shared care:

  • The opportunity for your child to socialize with other children while maintaining an intimate student-educator ratio
  • Financial savings from sharing the cost of care with other families.
  • Assistance finding other families interested in joining a pod, through use of our Matching Map.

For families located near a Guidepost Montessori school-based elementary program:

  • Opportunities for your child and family to participate in Guidepost community events.
  • The option to shift to a school-based program when available.

If you move:

  • Priority waitlist placement at any Guidepost School in the world.

Learn more about our Elementary Home Curriculum

The Guidepost Elementary Album brings the beloved Montessori elementary curriculum to your child at home. Your child will be inspired by thoughtfully designed, carefully sequenced, hands-on lessons in every discipline and for the whole elementary age span—all in an intuitive platform.

How it works

  1. Tell us about your child by completing your pre-registration form.
  2. Match with another family, or choose a one-on-one educator. Our Matching Map can help introduce you to other local families looking for an educator.
  3. Get to know your in-home educator! Work with your nanny to set up your home environment with grade-level materials sent from Guidepost at Home
  4. Get started! Let us take care of the curriculum, paying your guide, and ”providing key educational materials as your child develops

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