Parent-as-Educator Elementary (Homeschool)

Our Parent-as-Educator program empowers homeschooling parents of children from kindergarten through sixth grade by providing a comprehensive, self-directed Montessori program. You and your child will use our digital platform, in conjunction with accompanying physical materials, to work through a carefully sequenced, self-paced Montessori curriculum. Lessons are given through short, enriching video presentations with suggested hands-on follow-up activities designed to enable offline learning. As your child’s educator, you will learn how to track scope and sequence, monitor your child’s progress, foster independent learning, and support your child’s personal and academic growth, guided by the time-tested Montessori approach and the beloved Montessori lessons.

What’s included?

  • A subscription to our digital curriculum and homeschooling support platform, the Guidepost Elementary Album.
  • Enrollment in our Montessori Foundations training, and the opportunity to enroll in our fully accredited year-long Montessori training course
  • Support in setting up your home, and the ongoing delivery of key Montessori materials to optimize your child’s learning environment
  • Digital resources for activity and lesson planning
  • Access to a community of other Montessori homeschool families

For families located near a Guidepost Montessori school-based elementary program?

  • Opportunities for your child and family to participate in Guidepost community events.
  • The option to shift to a school-based program when available.

If you move

  • Priority waitlist placement at any Guidepost School in the world.

Homeschooling Plus

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Homeschooling Curriculum

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Sign up for our Elementary Album. You’ll receive everything you need to know to implement Montessori at home through our easy-to-use platform:

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Learn more about our Elementary Home Curriculum

The Guidepost Elementary Album brings the beloved Montessori elementary curriculum to your child at home. Your child will be inspired by thoughtfully designed, carefully sequenced, hands-on lessons in every discipline and for the whole elementary age span—all in an intuitive platform.

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